Thursday, 7 April 2011

Healthy Cells , Quality Life ..

Understanding Cells through Live Blood Analysis

Blood provides each cell in our body the oxygen and nutrients it needs. If our blood cells are unhealthy , they will not be able to transport oxygen and nutrients and remove toxins effectively. As a result , the various tissues and organs in our body will be damaged. Hence , managing the condition our cells allow us to be in control of our health , energy , vitality and even our memory .

This is an obligation-free cell check or Live Blood Analysis. Its purpose is to assess
the health of your blood, pinpoint damaged and unhealthy blood cells, find out and discover the causes of these discrepancies. Is it because of your poor and unhealthy lifestyle? Or is there an illness that you can prevent?

Most importantly - our Cell Check can advise what you can do to change all that.
It's fast, painless, fuss and hassle-free; and it's non-obligatory too!

Healthy Red Blood Cells reside freely in their own space and
their role is to efficiently transport nutrients and oxygen to the entire
body to maintain good health.

RBC AggregationCell Degeneration Problem Causes: High blood acidity, very low oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Important Note : The information presented herein by the cell-check program is intended for educational purpose only. These statement are not intended to diagnose ,cure , treat or prevent disease.