Thursday, 7 April 2011

Younger cells , Healthier Body ~

Mother nature gives life to all living things, and cells from to give life. Cells divide and proliferate through a process called mitosis. One cell become two , two becomes four and so forth . Life is thus formed.

Through our life time , our cells will multiply and renew themself so maintain health and vitality . From the time we were born , our cells continue to renew themself efficeintly .As we grow old , our cells will also age , weaken and degenerate.

How can we keep our cells young and active ?

Cells require sufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen to stay healthy . Hence , in order to keep them young and active, we need to have a good enviroment and a healthy lifestyle. Without a healthy lifestyle our blood cells will not be able to transport oxygen and nutrients efficiently . Cellular therapy on the other hand can rejuvenate cells efficiently in our body and heal weak and ageing cells , so that we can regain health , vitality and radiant skin, and stay young.

The Miracle of Life
Cells are the most basic building blocks of the human body. Cells from tissues , and tissues from organs. The human body us made up of various organs . Healthy cells are therefore the source of wellbeing , beauty and vitality.

How hoes the placenta play part in keeping our body healthy and strong ?
Some mammals consume their own placenta upon giving birth to nourish their body . The placenta plays an important role in protecting  and sustaining the life of the foetus in its mother's womb. From the moment the foetus is conceived and throughout it's growth , it depends solely upon the placenta to provide it with oxygen , nutrients and so forth. Active cells congregate together during the formation of the placenta so that it can perform it's duties effectively in sustaining the life of the foetus.

Consuming the placenta provides the mother with large amounts of active cells and nourishes her body. The nourishment occurs when active cells from the placenta meet with weak or ageing cells of the mother. This energy transfer ( nourishment ) activates and rejuvenates the ageing cells , and injects new force into the whole body .As a result , the body will become younger and the appearance more radiant . With the cells constantly activating , the tissues , organs and skin of the body will not age or deteriorate easily . It is thus possible to look young at any age!