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Zell-V Ambassador - Huang Wen Yong

Zell-V Ambassador- Huang Wen Yong ( Mediacorp artist )
" I Usually have to stay overnight in between film shoots. My schedule are always full and because of the high pressure, I'm unable to get sufficient sleep.
I get exhausted easily and constanly face problems memorizing the scripts - affecting my performance and the shooting  process ." With Zell-V Platinum ,it feel like my word has changed for better ! My stamina and abilities have improved tremendously .  Now even my peers are saying that my off-screen appearance look younger and than on camera.

Exilir of Youth - Rosyam Nor Share their journey of Zell-V

“I was introduced to ZÉLL-V by Sharon (Ruyi Holding’s CEO), who was once my neighbour for nine years,” says Rosyam Nor, one of Malaysia’s most popular actor. “Initially, I was rather sceptical, but Sharon offered me to try out the product.” “Upon taking it for two, three months, I began to feel more energetic. I used to tire easily during video shooting, but not anymore. People around me began to say, ‘Hey Rosyam, you seem to be getting younger and younger!’ When I ponder about their statements, I know that it must be due to ZÉLL-V, as it has the beneficial anti-ageing properties. I was amazed at the results this product could bring.” When Rosyam first tested his blood through the Cell Check system, he saw that his red blood cells were sticking together. This showed inefficient transport of oxygen and nutrients to his body cells. He was thus prone to lethargy and lack of vitality. “I think it was due to the nature of my job – late nights, insufficient rest and sleep, working more than 15 hours per day sometimes... and I believe this is the state for many people as well,” he says. After consuming ZÉLL-V for two months, Rosyam checked his cells again. “I was elated. My blood cells were clearly seen and well separated. This proves that ZÉLL-V is able to rejuvenate our cells“ZÉLL-V has been used by the non-Malays for quite some time. As ZÉLL-V’s ambassador, it is my duty and desire to spread the message of the goodness of this product, so that it can benefit everyone in the Malay community,” Rosyam says.

Simon Hooi assising Rosyam Nor to check his
blood cell with the cell-check system

Elixir of Youth - Elaine Kang Share their Journey with ZELL-V

Forty-five-year-old Elaine Kang, Malaysia’s well known multi-lingual singer, has been in the showbiz for about 30 years. Unlike many women, to Elaine, her age is not a secret. “A woman, regardless of age, will look good when she takes good care of her health and appearance,” she says. Health and well-being is of utmost importance to Elaine, even more so when she ages. Since she started taking ZÉLL-V cellular therapy, she has discovered the immense changes it does to her skin and body. “Since undergoing ZÉLL-V cellular therapy, I have received positive comments from my friends,” Elaine says. “They told me I looked better and younger than I was before. Personally, I feel that my skin is more radiant and supple! I also feel more energetic and alert. I’m elated with the results!” She realised that the key to youthful skin comes from within. When skin cells are revitalised, they would be able to lock in moisture, resulting in soft, supple skin. With her appearance and health at optimum, Elaine is
able to soar even higher in her career. She desires to share with everyone, the goodness of the product, so they too can enjoy great health, vitality and beauty.

  " I look better , younger and beautiful. Even on my skin too, improving alot, looking more moist and radiant now. Zell-V Platinum sheep placenta extract help to regenerate and invigorates   the skin, stimulating the cells renewal process. Now, i feel more confident when performing on stage . I dare to take on more challenge ,and live my life to the fullness. 

Recipe for Youth and Vitality

How rejuvenation offers a new lease on life, regardless of how old one is.

As we get older, we experience many changes, especially physical ones. We may find ourselves becoming slower or more forgetful. Some diseases that are more common in older adults may also be creeping up. These changes and the rate of ageing are subjective in different individuals due to different lifestyle, genetic makeup and environmental factors. Yet there is one same thing that every different person seems to desire, that is, the key to stay healthy and young as long as possible, or even to reverse the biological clock.

Even as it is seemingly impossible to ‘grow younger’; it is certainly possible to age with grace. “Ageing gracefully is all about the quality of life you are going to get when you grow older,” says head o the Health and Wellness department of Zell-V. “Imagine how fantastic it will be if everyday in life, even if you have retired, you are still productive, healthy and full of vitality.” Well then, how can we get there? “While it is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle (throughout your life, and not only when you are old), rejuvenation of our internal organs – those that play a direct role in ageing – is the key towards health and vitality, regardless of how old we are.

 “There are three major systems of our body which control ageing – the endocrine, immune and detoxification systems,”  “When these three systems are imbalanced, ageing will be accelerated – this will be directly shown in our body and face.

1)    Endocrine System                                                                                            
“The main function of the endocrine system is hormone excretion, which influences almost every cell, organ, and function of our body. Major glands that make up the endocrine system are the pituitary (the master gland that regulates overall hormone production as well as producing HgH), and adrenal and reproductive glands, which are the ovaries and testes.”

2)    Immune System
The immune system is the body’s defense against infectious organisms and invaders. “The cells involved are the white blood cells which seek out and destroy disease-causing organisms or substances,” .  “However, there is a gland that is vital to the immune system but it shrinks with age, which is the thymus gland. The thymus produces T lymphocytes (white blood cells). When we are at puberty, the thymus is at about 35g, but when we are at the age of 60 to 65, it is about half a gramme. If we don’t take care of the thymus, our antibody and defense function will decrease – we will easily get sick and will take a longer time to recover.”

3)    Detoxification System
“The liver and kidney are both detoxification organs. The liver regenerates itself by producing its own cells, but the moment it starts to degenerate, it will loose the function to detoxify the toxins in the body, which come from various sources, including the food that we eat and air that we breathe. “The moment the toxin is detoxified, it has to be removed from the body, and this is carried out by the world’s most intelligent filter– the kidneys. Diseases such as diabetes and hypertension can cause kidney degeneration. And when that happens, then is no turning back.

Zell-V cellular therapy and sheep placenta extract are able to activate and rejuvenate the cells of the organs in these systems without side effects. Growth factors extracted from the placenta with advanced technology can effectively encourage “communication” among the cells, and therefore reactivate and rejuvenate the cells that have aged prematurely or weakened. These growth factors are natural occurring molecules that are necessary for the cell regeneration process, particularly in the rejuvenation of organs and glands. “Take for example adrenals (of the endocrine system). The hormone these glands secrete controls mood such as anger and interest. People with weak adrenals don’t exude much passion or interest in life. “To treat this condition, instead of pumping hormones into the body, which may lead to various side effects, the better way is to rejuvenate the glands. When adrenals are rejuvenated, they produce the proper hormone for interest that keeps the body going, especially in a city life. You will have more passion and focus in work. All the stress you face, you are going to take it as a challenge. You have seen people who are always on the go and don’t seem to get tired. You can be like that too. “This goes the same with other organs. The moment you rejuvenate the three systems, they will work together to maintain optimal health and function, and your body will become better in warding off disease, detoxifying toxins, producing antibodies, etc. – all which ultimately decrease the rate of ageing.”

By Simon Hooi m.s.s u.s
Exercise Physiologist and Health Care Specialist

Simon Hooi heads Zell-V’s Medical and Wellness advisory team.
He is an exercise physiologist specialising in sports nutrition and
was trained in cellular therapy in Switzerland and Germany. He is
largely responsible in providing training and seminars on cellular
health and nutrition.