Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Elixir of Youth - Elaine Kang Share their Journey with ZELL-V

Forty-five-year-old Elaine Kang, Malaysia’s well known multi-lingual singer, has been in the showbiz for about 30 years. Unlike many women, to Elaine, her age is not a secret. “A woman, regardless of age, will look good when she takes good care of her health and appearance,” she says. Health and well-being is of utmost importance to Elaine, even more so when she ages. Since she started taking ZÉLL-V cellular therapy, she has discovered the immense changes it does to her skin and body. “Since undergoing ZÉLL-V cellular therapy, I have received positive comments from my friends,” Elaine says. “They told me I looked better and younger than I was before. Personally, I feel that my skin is more radiant and supple! I also feel more energetic and alert. I’m elated with the results!” She realised that the key to youthful skin comes from within. When skin cells are revitalised, they would be able to lock in moisture, resulting in soft, supple skin. With her appearance and health at optimum, Elaine is
able to soar even higher in her career. She desires to share with everyone, the goodness of the product, so they too can enjoy great health, vitality and beauty.

  " I look better , younger and beautiful. Even on my skin too, improving alot, looking more moist and radiant now. Zell-V Platinum sheep placenta extract help to regenerate and invigorates   the skin, stimulating the cells renewal process. Now, i feel more confident when performing on stage . I dare to take on more challenge ,and live my life to the fullness.