Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Exilir of Youth - Rosyam Nor Share their journey of Zell-V

“I was introduced to ZÉLL-V by Sharon (Ruyi Holding’s CEO), who was once my neighbour for nine years,” says Rosyam Nor, one of Malaysia’s most popular actor. “Initially, I was rather sceptical, but Sharon offered me to try out the product.” “Upon taking it for two, three months, I began to feel more energetic. I used to tire easily during video shooting, but not anymore. People around me began to say, ‘Hey Rosyam, you seem to be getting younger and younger!’ When I ponder about their statements, I know that it must be due to ZÉLL-V, as it has the beneficial anti-ageing properties. I was amazed at the results this product could bring.” When Rosyam first tested his blood through the Cell Check system, he saw that his red blood cells were sticking together. This showed inefficient transport of oxygen and nutrients to his body cells. He was thus prone to lethargy and lack of vitality. “I think it was due to the nature of my job – late nights, insufficient rest and sleep, working more than 15 hours per day sometimes... and I believe this is the state for many people as well,” he says. After consuming ZÉLL-V for two months, Rosyam checked his cells again. “I was elated. My blood cells were clearly seen and well separated. This proves that ZÉLL-V is able to rejuvenate our cells“ZÉLL-V has been used by the non-Malays for quite some time. As ZÉLL-V’s ambassador, it is my duty and desire to spread the message of the goodness of this product, so that it can benefit everyone in the Malay community,” Rosyam says.

Simon Hooi assising Rosyam Nor to check his
blood cell with the cell-check system