Monday, 28 November 2011


Experience miracle with Zell-V advanced Cell- Therapy

All that you have always desired for – looking younger, exuberating radiance, enjoying a highlevel 

of energy or even a good night’s sleep. A 
better complexion. A balanced weight. A high

metabolism rate – now all this is possible. Regardless of your age, ZÉLL-V’s cell activation
technology repairs and regenerates your cells  from within, so you can look forward to a better
quality of life each and every day.


*The basic human body is made up of cells: cells group together to form tissues, which in turn group together to form organs that are vital to healthy functioning. Cells are thus, the basic form of life. Through ZÉLL-V, the body experiences healthy and active cell regeneration, helping to fight fatigue, memory loss, ageing and combat a low metabolism rate. In return, it is able to attain health, beauty and vitality.


ZÉLL-V is a leading anti-ageing supplement,
widely renowned for its 100% natural and
effective cell therapy using a unique 15000mg
essence of Growth Factors.
With combined advanced cell technology
developed in Switzerland, Germany and 
New Zealand, ZÉLL-V treats the signs of ageing 

cell by cell. By activating and stimulating the 
repair and regeneration of weakened, ageing 
cells, ZÉLL-V helps you to regain the youth and 
vigour you thought you had lost, from within – 
relive your youthful moments!


ZÉLL-V cell regeneration technology, product research and development are led by a pioneer
Swiss and German team recognised by the Swiss and German International Association for Organ
cell therapy Specialist Switzerland (IAOSS) and German Society for Thymus Therapy (GSTT),
(Deutsche Gesellschaft für Thymus Therapie e.V.). ZÉLL-V has also passed the stringent Health
Authority checks to receive many international diploma certifications in recognition of its
superior quality and 100% natural methodology.

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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Zell-V Star Search 2011/2012 , Come and Join us..

Zell-v Star Search is 2011/2012 is back ! come and join us and enjoy the miracle of Zell-V , achieved healthy , vitality and beauty . It's FUN ..

Improving Healthy and quality of life.

Through a series of fun-filled competitions judged on cell improvement, beauty and vitality,
《ZÉLL-V Star Search》helps you to regain the spirit of perseverance and never-give-up in the pursuit of health in order to win the gifts of vitality, beauty and eventually a quality life.  
ZÉLL-V sincerely hope you can experience the joys of being healthy, vitalized and beautiful. On this joyful stage of 《ZÉLL-V Star Search》, you can flaunt your natural beauty and infinite vitality gained from total cell rejuvenation, thus inspiring more people to realize the importance of health and spark off a desire for good health.

From all the interactions made along the competitions, you will make more friends, thus having more people to accompany you, to care about you, to encourage you and to motivate you on the journey to good health. Hence, you can, together, regain the vitality and passion of youth. The ultimate reward for your perseverance is not merely a tangible prize, but more importantly, a quality life blessed with the health, vitality and beauty of a 25-year-old!
Participate Now !

Latest Updated : New & Improved Exclusive Formula For Zell-V Platinum 15000mg

Through the further advanced research conducted by the renowned medical and wellness laboratories in Switzerland and Germany, comes ZÉLL-V’s new placenta formulation. Besides the highly acclaimed active cellular material in every softgel, the new formulation adds 35% more levels of essential growth factors. Transfer factors, which are well known for strengthening the immune system, are successfully extracted from sheep placenta and added into this new exclusive formulation too.