Monday, 25 August 2014

V-Star Grand Gala Dinner 2014

V-Star Grand Gala Dinner 2014
The 5th V-Star Grand Gala Dinner entitled “Night of Transformation”! Elegantly dressed guests have begun to fill up the Berjaya Times Square Hotel Manhattan Ballroom. On the small stage in front of the ballroom, the Top 50 finalists are having their photos taken as they share their testimonials. The guests are also having their pictures taken for keepsake. It’s was an unforgettable evening!

ZÉLL-V Symposium @ Time Square KL

ZÉLL-V Symposium @ Time Square KL It was a beautiful morning as medical doctors, associates and customers of Ruyi Holdings from various countries attended the ZÉLL-V "Cell Therapy in Health, Vitality and Anti-Ageing" Symposium held in Berjaya Times Square Hotel in conjunction with the 5th V-Star Grand Gala Dinner. Numerous medical doctors shared their experiences in using ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy to treat their patients and help them regain health, vitality and beauty. It was a truly enjoyable session for the attendees as they increased their knowledge and networked with one another.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

ZÉLL-V ON-the-GO 2014

Zell-V On-The -Go is coming for an even more exciting and intimate encounter with you! Make a date with us on these venues. We'll sure be having lots of fun together as we learn, play and win attractive prizes while regaining health, vitality and beauty!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

V-Star 2014 - Vitality Activity Day(KL)

V-Star 2014 - Vitality Activity Day(KL)

The first V-Star 2014 Vitality Activity has been kick-started in KL last Sunday! It was a fun-filled and exciting morning as participants took part in various activities that assess their health and vitality improvement. Four others Vitality Activity will be held in the Southern, Northern, East Coast and Singapore respectively. ZÉLL-V fans in these areas, you are cordially invited to join us! For more info, call +603-2141 8011(Msia), +65-6736 3588(Spore)