Tuesday, 1 May 2018

ZÉLL-V ‘Family Go Healthy’ Health Carnival 11/05/18 - 13/05/18

ZÉLL-V ‘Family Go Healthy’ Health Carnival (11-13 May) was held with success! Throughout the three meaningful days, we had brought various types of screenings – from head to toe, from inside out – to the public and successfully increased their awareness on health screening. The most devastating thing about chronic disease is discovering it too late. It is only by screening our body when we are seemingly still ‘healthy’ that we can understand our true health condition and take the necessary steps to rectify any problems so that we can stay healthy always. We look forward to see you at the next installment of ZÉLL-V Health Carnival!

生病才看医生?不可忽略的 “亚健康”


Many people thought that they were healthy and their blood test report should be fine. However, they frequently feel lethargic, easily get sick and can’t sleep well at night. All these symptoms are actually red flags of health problems that can be more serious than you think!